Friday, May 29, 2015

Fun with Filters: The changing eye Pattern

The other day I was playing with the iPhone app, PicLab and I used one of the distortion filters. As you move the intensity of the filters, it gives you different shapes. This is where I got the idea of using all of the different shapes I could make with my eye by changing the intensity of that one filter. 

To do the collage I used the iPhone app, Fotor.  Using Fotor, I also added another filter to each picture to make it have more color. Fotor is a great free photography app, look forward to a review on that app as well. 

Anyway, this was the result. And I like it! I think it would be cool as a pattern on a cup, pillow, or shirt B-)

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Thursday, May 28, 2015

2 Cat Scratchers: Which is better?

We have two black cats in the house, a Bombay cat and a Tuxedo cat. Lately these crazy cats have been scratching on our sofas for a while. Thus, we got them these two cat scratchers from Target.

The one below is a dome shaped scratcher with two different textures. The left side is a rough straw-like texture and the right side is like a piece of carpet. 

The other scratcher is this rectangle that seems to be full of cardboard pieces.

So which one is better from these two?

To be honest, for our cats the best one is the rectangle cardboard scratcher. The tuxedo cat sits on this one and uses it, but to be fair she also likes the dome shaped one. However, the Bombay cat likes the rectangle one much more than the domed shaped scratcher. For this reason, I think the rectangle scratcher is better because both cats enjoy it. The only downside about it being cardboard is that as you can see, it does get warned down and we might need to repurchase another one. I think that its worth the purchase if the cats use it, otherwise whats the point of even buying a scratcher. Right? :)

Tis all for now, friends!

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Fun with Filters: Can you guess what this is a picture of?

Hi party people! 

I was playing around with filters and I thought it would be cool to play a guessing game. The game is to guess what this is a pic of. For this picture I used a filter effect from the PicLab app, I'll be reviewing it soon, by the way. 

So, what is this a picture of ???

The answer is below. Don't cheat! :) 



The answer is: a picture of my eye. Was that too easy? I feel it was too easy! 

That's all folks. Look forward to the app review of PicLab. If you have iPhone app suggestions for me to review, let me know :)

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Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Pippa's red crop top shirt

Pippa's auntie surprised us with a cute little shirt for my baby. At first glance I thought it was not going to fit her because it looked a little small. However, it did fit her as a doggie crop top shirt lol. Pippa looks so cute in it! So thank you auntie. 

Sunday, May 17, 2015

The Pippa Pattern

Hi guys. Check out this Pippa pattern I made. I think it's so cute! I know it's not perfect or anything, specially because I didn't really cut out her cute face as good as I wanted. But I did the best I could with using my index finger. To make this pattern I used PicCollage. I wish I could make it into a shirt or something. I'll do some research :)

Stay connected dear friends. 
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Thursday, May 14, 2015

NEW Etsy Item: Flowers in the Sea Dangle Earrings

New item alert! 

Hi there guys,
This is the new item in my etsy shop, made by me of course. I call this pair, Flowers in the Sea Dangling Earrings. I think its feminine and sophisticated because of the flowers and colors. Hope you like it :)

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Target Haul: Craft Supplies

I have to say how excited I am to use these products. 

I haven't had the chance to play with these because of some important school deadlines I have to attend to. But be sure you'll be notified of what I make with these :) 

All these items were purchases at my local Target. Can't get enough of Target, right? There should be a rehab Target group out there lol. 

I got a set of sharpie marker pens in three colors: black, green, and red. 
Also, the handmade glitter set. Those are such cute glitter bottles, and this package was on sale. So yay! 
Finally, I got a ModPodge bottle because I heard many good things about it online. There is no picture of it here because its just white glue. But I do show a bit of it on the video of this post :)

The glitter. 


The mess I made: 


Monday, May 4, 2015

Periscope App: Review and first experiences

"Hello from Los Angeles!!" 

That is the way I always start my comments on the new app by Twitter called Periscope. Today I would like to give you a short introduction to the app and my first Periscope experiences, the first one being just last night. Haha. 

Periscope allows you to tune in live to a video that anyone around the world is shooting. You can view what they are seeing at that exact moment. The app allows for live comments as well, it is like a chat room for each individuals LIVE video you are watching. Everyone watching the broadcast, including the "host", if you will, can see the comments. It is fun because, you can communicate instantly with the person shooting the video: ask questions, make comments, and share opinions. While you're watching what the host is seeing, you can tap the side of the screen and like it. You can tap multiple times by the way and the app keeps a count of the hearts, or likes. 

I found out about this app last night when I was watching the new video from my favorite Beauty Guru, Emily Noel. She mentioned the app and how she liked it because she could broadcast anything easily with her followers. I went to the Apple app store and downloaded it. Yes, this speaks of the trust I have in her, lol. By the way, for honest, helpful beauty tips and products you have to check her out. Back to Periscope... 

When you download the app, you can sign in using your Twitter account, which is what I did. When I went into the app, one of the first LIVE broadcasts was someone with a title about their walk to work in Rome. Sounded interesting enough so I joined the broadcast. I was blown away at the fact that at that moment, at 11:00pm at my home, I was watching LIVE at someone walking the streets of Rome. Best of all, this person was able to describe and answer all of our questions in that second! I don't know if this might sounded somewhat, "lame," BUT, the best way I could describe the what I felt and was thinking at that moment was " this is AMAZING and "wow, so CRAZY!" This guy was very friendly with his followers and was hoping to reach 1 million hearts/likes on that broadcast. Long story short, he reached his goal. Congrats to him. Here are some print screens of what I saw on this live broadcast. If you want to follow him, his Periscope is: @BaseGiulioBase

The guy said this was an angel with a selfie stick, lol. 

The pope's church. 

That night I also tuned into a broadcast by an italian young man at his office. His primary language was Italian but spoke some english and he was able to communicate with me and answer my questions. From what I understood, his boss was not there which was why he was able to be on Periscope, it was about 9am on his side of the world, and he was something of an architect/interior designer. 

Another person I met was a young lady in France. She did not speak english so it was difficult to understand and communicate but still fun as hell. I know very little french so I loved hearing her speaking french, at the same time I was trying to listen carefully ... 

GUYS, my phone just notified me that CHRIS DELIA was doing a live broadcast, and I had to tune in. The connection got lost or he ended it. But I just LOVE him and got so excited to see him live for a bit. His Persicope is: @chrisdelia

Anyway, where was I. Oh yes, about the french girl. What I learned about her is that she is a talented guitarist and singer. She played two songs live which sounded very nice. Im still wondering where I can purchase her music. Her Periscope is: @Ju_Zic

This morning I tuned into a broadcast of a man that was driving home to Orange County (OC) in the freeway after going to Baldwin Park for some King Taco tacos. First of all, I told him it was dangerous that he was on the app and driving. Leaving that aside for a sec: It was also pretty crazy that he drove that much for tacos because its quite a drive from the OC to Baldwin Park, but I too love King Taco tacos so I understand lol. He also mentioned that he has stopped using Facebook because he is so into Periscope. I asked him how long the app has been out and he said its been about a month. His Periscope: @socal5560_alex

Needless to say, I am really enjoying this app and look forward to doing some live broadcasts myself. However, I'm not sure I feel comfortable yet in broadcasting random things lol. I would rather show you something a bit more interesting like, places I visit by my town, or something like that. 

We'll see :)
Here's my Periscope by the way: @NalaAdor. 

Below are some pictures on the app to get you acquainted.

Your profile, heres mine. Im still trying to figure out how to edit my profile lol. 

Start your broadcast.

This is where you see if the people you're following are having a live broadcast. Sometimes you can replay a broadcast but it will not be live, it will tell you how long ago the broadcast ended.

These are the live global broadcast, popular ones.

More global brodcasts, the ones not as popular, lol.

If you sign into Periscope with your twitter account, it will let you know who also has a Periscope from the people on Twitter that you follow. 

The most loved Periscope section.

Thats all I can think of to share about Periscope. I am also still learning so, we'll all figure it out. 

Have a good one! :)

Make Your Pet into a Cartoon

If you've always wanted to have your pet cartoonized, then you should check out the website called: That is where I got this cartoon version of my baby girl Pippa. Doesn't she look cute as a cartoon?
They have different species of pets to choose from as well as breeds within that species. When you choose a dog, they let you select the colors and variations of color patterns of dogs in that breed tend to look like. You can choose eye colors, add accessories, and backgrounds. When you're finished "designing" your pet, they give you the picture in three different sizes (see below), and let you buy items from There you can purchase items with your cartoonized pet picture.

In case you forgot what my Pippa looks like, here is a pic. Also, follow her on instagram guys! :)



Friday, May 1, 2015

NEW Etsy Item: Silver Fox Earrings

Look at these gray and white earrings I made, I call them: Silver Fox Earrings :)

I have a few more to show you! I will be adding the listings to Etsy as well as in my blog. I hope you like them.

Wet n' Wild Nail Polish in Blazed

Today I'm doing my nails with this Wet n' Wild nail polish. The color is Blazed, it's like a toned down orange which makes it more wearable for daily use. It's not too flashy but still gives  a pop of color to your nails or outfit. I like it because I feel it's like a fun and unexpected neural color.

Below is what it looks like with two coats.