Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Green Juices: Nutritious Celery Stalk Juicy Juice

I have to admit that my favorite ingredient in my juices is spinach, lets blame it on Popeye. Haha, kidding. But I really like it because its the greenest veggie and I feel it has the most vitamins out of all the ingredients I add. You can say, I use it as the base for my juices. With that said, the juice of today is called Nutritious Celery Stalk Juicy Juice. The star flavor in this juice is celery! Here is how to make it :)

1 cup spinach
1 stalk of celery
1/2 apple
1 small bag of baby carrots
16 oz water

Place ingredients in blender.

Add water and blend!

After blending, I pour some mix in a glass and add about 2-4oz of water to get a more liquid juice consistency :)

Enjoy your nutritious blend! 

Have a great day y'all :)

Saturday, November 22, 2014

Easy 10-minute Scrambled Egg Turkey Breakfast Recipe

Hey there Party Peoples!!
Today I'd like to share with you an easy breakfast recipe with eggs and turkey. This should take you about 10 minutes to make (including preparation time), best of all, it serves 2-3 people. Here it goes: 

4 eggs 
3 slices turkey (the one that comes packaged)

1. Sauté a few slices of onion in oil under medium heat. 
2. Chop turkey in squares.
3. Beat eggs and add a pinch of salt.  
4. Place turkey squares in the pan with the onions. Let the turkey cook until crispy light brown. 
5. Add in eggs. Cook them like a normal scrambled eggs. 
6. Thats it! Lets be honest, this recipe is easer to make than to say the title of this post 3 times really fast. LOL :)

I usually eat these with good ol' fashioned tortillas. Here's an idea, add a side of mac and cheese to twist it up! :)
Bon appetit! 

Friday, November 14, 2014

THE TALE OF THE FAT INNKEEPER WORM AND THE PEA CRAB: An ancient, beyond ancient story about commensalism

An ancient, beyond ancient story about commensalism

There once lived a happy chubby Urichis caupo called Mr. “Worm,” in the mudflats of the wild west coast. 

His home was a U-shaped burrow with just a little extra room for him to sleep and eat. 

Mr. Worm enjoyed filter feeding using his glamorous fine mucous net and pulsing dance-like waves of contraction that his body made. 

His one and only favorite food was the tasty nutrients in sea water. 

The only way to have those tasty water-treats was to do the dance-like contractions with his body, which allowed him to bring in big gulps of water on one end of his body. 

Then, on the other end his lush mucous was able to capture the water and filter out the nutrients in the water. 

One scary, pitch black winter night, a pea crab stumbled upon Mr. Worm’s burrow. 

Mr. Worm became startled at this pea crab that had entered his home, and said, “Who are you!!! And why do you enter my home!!?” 

The crab shivering and trembling with fear, replies, “I am Crabster the pea crab. 
I fell into this tunnel from a hole above, which led me to your chambers.” 

Mr Worm then says, “I am called Mr Worm; You fell into my home. But why do you look so frightened, what are you doing out at this time?” 

Crabster replies. “Mr Worm Sir, the night is dark and very scary. I am being attacked left and right!! I have been running and fleeing for months. They are trying to eat me! Please HELP me!” 

Mr Worm then says, “Stay calm you have a safe haven here. Do not worry, nobody can hurt you here.  

Crabster responds and says, “Why thank you, thank you for your generosity! I have no way of repaying you!” 

Mr. Worm says, “Your company is payment enough, but also don't eat me.” 

From that day froward, this friendship has been known and told a thousand times. Now, all pea crabs have a safe home and plenty of food thanks to the innkeeper Urichis caupo worms. 

This is the story that became known as The Tale of the Fat innkeeper worm and the pea crab :)

Written and illustrated by:

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Green Juices: Fresh Cucumber Delight Juice

Hi there amigos,
I'd like to share this veggie green juice recipe, I call this juice Fresh Cucumber Delight :)
It is very simple to make, it will probably take you around 10 minutes to make from start to finish. It may not look very appetizing but it is very delicious and healthy. You have to try it, you almost exclusively have a light taste of cucumber and maybe some celery. But you cannot really taste any of the spinach or apple much. To make the blend, you will add 16 oz of water. However, after I blend it I pour half of the mixture in a glass and add about 2-4oz of water. This way it will have more of a smooth juice consistency and you can save the other half for later or share it! Its fresh, healthy, and yummy. So give it a go and let me know how it goes.

1 stick of celery
1/2  of a small cucumber
1 cup of spinach
1/4 of an apple
16 oz of water

Put ingredients in blender.

Add water and blend.


C'est tout!
@NalaAdor :)

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

6 iPhone Drawings Using Free SketchBookX App

Hi everyone! 
I want to share the drawings I've been doing using the SketchBookX application for iPhone. I must confess it's difficult for me to draw with my finger! Now I am thinking of purchasing a stylus but I still need to do some research on that. 

I am definitely enjoying using this app, however, it is limited on the layers you can have as well as the tools you can use. Look forward to a short review on this app, mes amis (=my friends)! 

1. That 2 o'clock Feeling - Inspired by me feeling pretty tired, sleepy, and slugish around this time (2pm) today, haha. 

2. Hydrate - Water is our best friend, drink it! By the way, this is (roughly) what my water bottle looks like. I try drinking 2L everyday. Lately, I have not been meeting this goal, no bueno :-/

3. #Selfie - Inspired by yours truly :) This drawing was the 4th one I have done.

4. Spider-Man! - Need i say more? Ok, i will. Spiderman spiderman, does whatever a ssspi.... you get the idea. Im singing the theme song lol.  

5. This Woman - This was the second drawing I made, i think its a little obvious LOL.

6.  The Man - My very first drawing :)

Everyone! Thank you so much for taking the time to read my entries. For that, YOU ROCK :)

Don't forget to say HI to me on my social media: @NalaAdor (Twitter, Instagram, & Pinterest).

Hasta pronto amigos!

Friday, August 8, 2014

Pop Art: Phenol Dandelions

Phenol Dandelions

A pop art inspired piece that called Phenol Dandelions. 

UPDATE: I just made this chemistry art into a sticker with Zazzel! Definitely go check out my creation :D 
Pop Art: Phenol Dandelions Square Sticker

Saturday, July 12, 2014

5 Traditional Mexican Hats

After my last post about the Ricky Ricardo Straw hat, I became interested in other types of hats worn in different parts of the world. So here are 5 traditional hats worn in Mexico.

Image source: here

1. The Mariachi Hat
The Mariachi hat is usually worn by someone that is a part of a Mariachi group. The hat is part of the typical Mariachi outfit. Compared to the charro hat (see below), the mariachi hat is much more elaborate and fancy looking. However, as with many other things, it varies. By the way, check out the details, on those hats! Prettyful.

The Man, Vicente Fernandez.       Image source: here
Pedro Fernandez, Mariachi singer.      Image source: google search
Pedro Fernandez.     Image source: here

2. The Charro Hat
When I think of a Charro, what comes to mind is a Mariachi singer. However, Charros are usually men that participate in Rodeo Competitions. Also, I noticed that sombreros de charro are usually less decorated than those worn by Mariachi groups. 

Image source: here

Image source: here

3. The Vaquero Hat
This is probably one of the most well known Mexican hats because these hats are usually used to depict the cowboy image. 
Here's a spanish lesson for ya:
Un vaquero = A cowboy

Image source: here

Prince Willam and Kate Middleton.      Image source: here

4. The Guerrerence Hat
The Guerrerence hat is a type of straw hat with a black ribbon and a little white tassel hanging from the back. This hat is traditionally worn in the state of Guerrero or Tierra Caliente. Its too bad that I couldn't find that many good pictures, but you get the idea :)

Image source: here
You can't really tell but this musical group is wearing the Guerrero hat.
Image source: here
Black ribbon and white tassel!!       Image source: here

5. The Duranguense Hat
The sombreros vaqueros that are extra folded from the sides are traditionally worn in the Mexican state of Durango. These are often called, sombrero de taco.
Another spanish lesson for today (we're on a roll! Haha) : 
Sombrero de taco = Taco hat

Image source: here

A Duranguense group wearing their traditional hat.     Image source: here

If you can think if any other hats (of any part of the world) let me know, i would appreciate it!
Thats all, hasta pronto amigos.

*Disclaimer: I am not a hat expert or historian. The information above is based on my non-extensive research and all in good fun! Thanks :)

Saturday, June 28, 2014

Who does THIS hat remind you of?

Straw hats like the one above remind me of Ricky Ricardo from I Love Lucy, of course. He's such a handsome man!

image source: here

Check out other celebrities wearing straw hats. Do they look as good on them as on Ricky Ricardo? Nop, we didn't think so either. Sorry others! Haha :)

This model,
image source: here

Brad Pitt &

Hugh Jackman
image source: here 

Nice try guys. 
And the winner is...... Ricky Ricardo! 

image source: here 
Es todo ;)


Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Healthy Cinnappleon Snack

What is this Cinnappleon Snack? Its the easiest healthy snack ever that consists of apples and ground cinnamon. To enjoy the yumminess that this Cinnappleon Snack brings to your taste buds just do the following: 

1. Select your apple- choose wisely. In my opinion, fuji apples work best.

2. Chop, chop, chop the apples.

3. Sprinkle ground cinnamon on top and mix.

Et c'est tout, see easiest snack ever.  

Now you enjoy the fruits of your labor <:)